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VCR *doesn't* Work

Unlike the smoke detector :p

Instead of explaining things from the beginning of the night again, I'll just say that I realized the copy of "Pulp Fiction" that John lent me (after saying that I really needed to watch it - something about "what") was still sitting here, unwatched, and coupled with that there's nothing else I really want to do right now, I decided to finally sit down and watch it..

The VCR in here has already "eaten" the tape once, and I've currently got it up to the point where I can hear the sound, but can't see anything.

... I think that fixes everything now. Above problem was due to the little tracking knob being turned all the way to the right, and then I had to go all the way upstairs to rewind it, because I didn't want to risk using the other VCR down here, because it's in a position where it'd be incredibly difficult to disconnect should it eat the tape as well.

But I think it's safe to say that the cover for the VCR I'm using to watch the movie won't be going back on 'till the movie's over.

I've never thought about it before, but DVDs are much simpler. Hell. You can even buy a DVD rewinder should your player refuse to cooperate, but I think if you've gone and done that, you're on your own :3

So now it's off to wash my hands, because they've been incredibly dirty for most of the night, then to haul the chair in here, and get comfortable once again. I do have to work tonight, but meh. We'll worry about that later~

Edit: and two other things worthy of mention. One, I got my old GBA SP back earlier tonight. Apparently Naomi found it while cleaning her room, which doesn't surprise me at all. Either Oracle of Ages or Seasons is still missing though, but I believe it's in the case I bought for the SP, so if I could find that, I'd probably find the game as well.

Second, I found the charger for my GBA Micro. Yay :3

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