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Cats Are Out Early This Morning

I swear if Smokey was a bit bigger, she'd be able to open the door, seeing as she can reach the doorknob right now :s

But anyways, yeah. Dad would just have to be up earlier than normal this morning. Comes downstairs while I'm watching the movie, and it's at the (almost) still screen point where Mia overdoses. Then quite a bit of swearing after that, but he never said a word. Really an improvement, I guess, seeing as before now, he most likely would've said something about not approving of it and such. But if I had a choice, I'd have started watching it earlier. Meh. Not much can be done now~

And now, let's see... June 1st. That's most likely going to end up being another night like this.

Heh. Everyone's up now. Well, with the exception of Mom, obviously.

Might as well head to bed myself as soon as this movie's over. After rewinding it, of course, but as I said before, that involves going upstairs anyways. I still have at least one thing left to do after that, but, well, there's plenty of time for that :p

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